Research on Nonlinear waves

Fronts and pulses propagating in lattices seem to describe physical reality in many different fields: atoms adsorbed on a periodic substrate, motion of dislocations in crystals, propagation of cracks in brittle materials, domain dynamics in semiconductor superlattices, nerve impulse propagation along myelinated nerves, calcium release waves… We have analyzed travelling waves propagating in nonlinear lattices, characterizing pinning and propagation failure in different physical and biological systems by means of bifurcations and active point approximations, which yield predictions of wave profiles and wave speeds by asymptotic methods, even in the presence of stochastic noise. Aplications in biological sciences and materials science are discussed in the corresponding sections.
Additional work in this field include the introduction of nonreflecting boundary conditions for discrete waves, blow up studies and the analysis of aggregation models for bubbles in radioactive waste.

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