VII Congreso de Jóvenes Investigadores de la RSME

I am member of the Scientific Committee of the VII Conference for Young Researchers sponsored by the Real Sociedad Matemática Española (RSME), to be held in Bilbao on 13-17January 2025.

For more information about this conference, please check the official webpage.

Mathematical Physics and Algebraic Geometry (MAPHYAG) Seminar

Currently, I organize the MAPHYAGS Seminar on Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. We meet monthly and usually on Thursday at 10:00 (Madrid time – UTC+1).

The full list of seminars and the upcoming talk can be checked on the main webpage of the Seminar.

Geometry Seminar ICMAT

Currently I co-organize the Geometry Seminar at Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT). We meet biweekly and usually on Wednesday at 11:30 (Madrid time – UTC+1).

For information about the upcoming seminars, please check the official webpage.

Geometry and Topology for the Future II

Jointly with Xabi Martínez-Aguinaga, we are organizing the mini-workshop «Geometry and Topology for the Future II» to bring together young mathematicians working in geometry and topology in the Madrid area. The event will take place on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 April 2024 at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

If you work on these topics and want to meet new colleagues in an open environment, you are very welcome to join us!

The full list of talks and schedule can be checked on webpage of the event.