by Hergé

What can be said of Tintin? As for most people, Tintin’s were the first BDs I collected, and I still have them. How can it be that thirty years later I keep reading them again, and discovering new qualities? How is it that this series touches upon everything from serious to comic with the sparkling hability to be parodic but fair? And all those supporting characters, forged along the life of our reporter hero: the twin policemen Dupond & Dupont (or Hernández & Fernández), Haddock, Tornasol (or Tournesol or Calculus), Alan, Rastapopoulos, Nestor, Castafiore… Go and see!

Los cigarros del faraón

El asunto Tornasol

Tintin en el pais del oro negro

Aterrizaje en la luna

Tintin en el Tibet

El loto azul

Vuelo 714 para Sidney

El templo del Sol


There are many books on Tintin affairs, but let me recommend these:

  • B. Peters: Tintin y el mundo de Hergé, Editorial Juventud (from Casterman).
  • P. Assouline: Hergé, Ediciones Destino (from Plon).
  • M. Farr: Tintin. Le rêve et la realité, Moulinsart.