Research on Applications in Biomedicine

We are developing multiscale models to describe cellular dynamics and interaction with the environment. Applied to biofilm formation, we have been able to explain the emergence of filamentary structures in medical flow circuits using discrete rod models, as well as wrinkled patterns on surfaces exploiting Foppl-Von Karman descriptions for sheets. Coupling agent based immersed boundary descriptions of bacteria with models of cellular metabolism fitted to data on the action of drugs, we have been able to simulate the action of antibiotics on their structure. Working with Voronoi representations of epithelial monolayers, we have simulated invasion by malignant cells and applied topological data analysis to the automatic characterization of interfaces of healthy/malignant cellular populations. We are using clustering techniques and topological data analysis to explore data from immune disorders and gene expression.

Previous work in this field fitted oscillator models to describe quantitatively and qualitatively recent experiments of protein unfolding and refolding by means of wavefront analysis. Earlier, we characterized propagation failure of nerve impulses along myelinated nerves in discrete Fitz-Hugh Nagumo and Hodgkin-Huxley type models by a similar discrete wavefront analysis.

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