Ph.D. Thesis Advised


All of them received the highest grade



• A. Jiménez-Casas, «Dynamics in infinite dimensions: phase filed models and a closed thermosyphon»,

U. Complutense de Madrid. December  1996.

 Currently  Full Professor of Mathematics. After six years as Vicerrectora de Investigación, she has been also Directora of the Department of Mathematics at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.


• N.Moya, «Asymptotic behavior of solutions of evolutions equations», U. Complutense de Madrid, November 2004. (Co-advised with J.M. Arrieta UCM).

        She  is  currently  permanent staff  at the University of Lima (Perú).


• R. Willie, «Reaction diffusion equations with large diffusion», U. Complutense de Madrid, April 2005.

        He is currently  permanent staff at the University of Durban (Southafrica).


• A.Tajdine, «Evolution equations with nonlinear boundary conditions», U. Complutense de Madrid, June 2005.

        He currently works as a mathematician for an european company involved in satellite communications in France.


• A.Vidal-López. «Extremal solutions for nonlinear parabolic problems and applications», U. Complutense de Madrid, November 2005.

        This Thesis received the «Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado 2009» awarded by the Facultad de Ciencias Matematicas of the U. Complutense to the best Ph.D. Thesis defended in the academic year 2005/06.

        After two years as Teaching Assistant in our Department and a one year post-doc position in Brazil, he was granted a Marie Curie Fellowship  from the European Union to work in the Univessity of Warwick (UK). He is currently at Department of Mathematical Sciences Xian Jiatong-Liverpool University, Jiangsu Province, China P. R.


• S. Sastre, «Nonlocal diffusion problems», U. Complutense de Madrid, May 2014.

        After  a PostDoc position at the Shool of Mathematical Sciences, University College Cork, Ireland, she is currently permanent staff at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife (Brasil).  



• C. Quesada, «Scale of spaces and semigroup techniques for the study of evolution equation», U. Complutense de Madrid, December 2015.

After working at the  Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus, Universidad Complutense de Madrid he is currently staff at the Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid.