We are able to provide free accommodation in shared rooms to most of participants at Colegio Mayor Santo Tomás de Aquino (Aquinas). Once you arrive to Madrid, we reccomend to all the participants to buy a ten-trip metrobus ticket to move around the city. This ticket allows you to travel by bus and metro.

We are very pleased to inform that the accommodaition offer includes full board regime and access to some sports facilities, such as swimming pool, football field, football indoor track… So we recommend you to be prepared. Eventually, to keep the tradition, a football match will be organized.

How to get Colegio Mayor Santo Tomás de Aquino:

Calle Leonardo Prieto Castro, 6

28040 Madrid

Metro stations:
Línea 6Metropolitano or Ciudad Universitaria

Línea 7Francos Rodríguez

Autobuses132 – 82 – U – F – I – G

1. From the airport

2. From Atocha train station

3. From Chamartín train station:

4. From Méndez Álvaro bus station:

5. From Avda. América bus station:

6. From Moncloa bus station: