Catedrática de Universidad (Full Professor) at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in the area of Mathematics Education in Department of Algebra, Geometry and Topology the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences. Member of the Instituto de Matemática Interdisciplinar (IMI) where is Principal Investigator of the Program of the Instituto de Matemática Interdisciplinar (IMI), (INVEDUMAT_uni) (Research in Mathematical Education at University Level), Spain. Competitive call IMI- Scientific Programs (2012-2023).

Academic visitor research in several universities: University of California in Berkeley (USA) 2016; University Agder University (Norway) 2015 y 2011; Universiti Sains (Malaysia) 2014; London City University (United Kingdom) 2007; Université de Paris Diderot (France) 2006; Katholieke Universesiteit Leuven (Belgium) 2004.

ORCID Profile:

ResearcherID: S-6127-2016

Scopus Author ID: 25030394200

Research interests

Extensive research experience in Spain and abroad. The main results of the research carried out have been a) advanced mathematical thinking and computational thinking, b) didactic research in university Mathematics c) development of a conceptual framework for the analysis of cognition and affect structures in mathematics; d) elaboration of assessment instruments both students and teachers; e) development of mathematics teacher professional development programs.

Continuous participation in 18 research projects (8 European projects, 2 of them as principal investigator; 8 projects of the National I+D Plan of the Spanish Ministry; 1 of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology). And in 15 projects of Innovation and Improvement of Teaching Quality, 10 of them as director.

Since 2023 Principal Investigator of the National Project Design of tools based on biomarkers for the identification and traitment os maths anxiety from an inclusive approach, Knowledge Generation Projects 2022, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The previous national projects in which I have participated have been focused on the psychology of mathematical learning (PSI2008-00754/PSIC) and the didactics of mathematics and teacher training (EDU2013-44047-P) and (Consolider-CSD2006-00032). Last European participated projects: I was member and national coordinator of the European Project «Partnership for the Learning And Teaching IN University Mathematics (PLATINUM)», (2018-1-NO01-KA203-038887), and research member in Research European Project “Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia (SUPERA)” focuses on gender and equality issues.

The results of this research have been published in journals indexed in Web of Science (ISI-WOS, former Web of Knowledge, Thomson Reuters), Scopus, and in different books and monographs published by international publishers (Springer, Elsevier, Sense Publishers, Academic Press, MUNI, Masaryk University Editor, Narcea ediciones, Publicaciones Universidad de Deusto, Ediciones Universidad Salamanca, Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Also she has been part of Scientific Committees of the most significant International Congresses.

In relation to the contributions to the training of young people researchers: Theses supervised in the last 10 years = 3 defended, with a grant from the National FPU Program of the MEC/SEUI/DGU, Cod. AP2007-00866 and another with a grant from the Ministry of Italy; and 2 theses in progress co-supervision thesis with Maputo Pedagogical University (Mozambique) and Université de Paris Cité (France).

In relation to transfer to the society, participation in agreements established by Madrid City Council and the UCM as director of Service-Learning Projects. Director of numerous monographic courses organized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and in Lifelong Learning Program of the European Commission, Erasmus, Teaching Staff, teaching in English or French: in Portugal, France, Italy in 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2007. He has taught courses and seminars in research and teaching training in 18 universities in Europe, America and Asia. Besides she has got a big experience in Cooperation for Development (in Salvador, Ecuador, República Dominicana, Venezuela, Mozambique), leading project as “Project Latin America and Europe: Higher Education in the Face of the Challenge of International Cooperation” Comisión Europea, EuropeAid Co-operation (Contract External Actions of the European Community, II-0473-A (CRIS 083-913)).

Networking or Research groups:

Member of International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics

Member of Sociedad Española de Investigación en Educación Matemática (SEIEM).

Member of European Society for Research in Mathematics Education.