My name is Benjamin Ivorra. I’m Full Professor (i.e., ‘Catedrático de Universidad’) in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Analysis (area: Applied Mathematics) of the Faculty of Mathematical Science at the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain) since October 2006.

I´m a member of the Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute and the MOMAT Research group.

My main research areas are:

  • Optimisation algorithms: in particular, low cost global optimization methods.
  • Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation: e.g., FEM, FVM, Comsol myltiphysics.
  • Industrial problems: e.g., Oil spill, Optical Fibber, Microfluidic mixer, Structural design, Food egineering.
  • Epidemiology: human (e.g., Ebola, COVID-19) and animal diseases (e.g., CSF, FMD, ASF).

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me:

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