What’s new

  • Preprint (jointly with M. Milman) Uniqueness for 2D Euler and transport equations via extrapolation, available at ArXiv . 2023. 36 pages
  • Preprint (jointly with S. Tikhonov) Truncated smooth function spaces, available at ArXiv . 2022. 152 pages.
  • Preprint (jointly with A. Seeger, B. Street, J. Van Schaftingen and P.-L. Yung) Spaces of Besov–Sobolev type and a problem on nonlinear approximation, available at ArXiv . 2021. 45 pages.
  • Preprint (jointly with M. Milman) Bourgain–Brezis–Mironescu–Maz’ya–Shaposhnikova limit formulae for fractional Sobolev spaces via interpolation and extrapolation, available at ArXiv .2021. 32 pages.
  • Preprint (jointly with M. Milman) Sparse Brudnyi and John–Nirenberg spaces, available at ArXiv . 2021. 12 pages.
  • Preprint (jointly with S. Tikhonov) New estimates for the maximal functions and applications, available at ArXiv . 2021. 47 pages.
  • Preprint (jointly with M. Cao, J.M. Martell and P. Tradacete) On the A_∞ condition for elliptic operators in 1-sided NTA domains satisfying the capacity density condition, available at ArXiv . 2021. 54 pages.
  • Preprint (jointly with M. Milman) New Brezis-Van Schaftingen-Yung Sobolev type inequalities connected with maximal inequalities and one parameter families of operators, available at ArXiv . 2020. 46 pages.
  • Preprint (jointly with D.D. Haroske and S. Tikhonov) Embeddings and characterizations of Lipschitz spaces, available at ArXiv . 2020. 72 pages.
  • Preprint (jointly with S. Tikhonov) Sobolev Embeddings, extrapolations, and related inequalities, available at ArXiv . 2019. 97 pages.
  • Preprint (jointly with M. Veraar) Extensions of the vector-valued Hausdorff-Young inequalities, available at ArXiv . 2019. 51 pages.
  • Preprint (jointly with S. Tikhonov) Function spaces of logarithmic smoothness: embeddings and characterizations, available at ArXiv . 2018. 162 pages.

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