To complete the Master it is necessary to complete 60 credits ECTS, distributed as follows:

First quadrimester

The student has to choose four of the following courses of 7.5 credits:

  • Real Analysis and Calculus of Variations
  • Functional Analysis
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Algebraic Geometry
  • Geometry of Topologial Surfaces
  • Differential Topology

Second quadrimester

During the first half the student will follow three courses of 5 credits to be chosen among  a list that will vary every year. For the year 2012/2013 the offered courses will be:

  • Non-linear Analysis. Degree Theory. Bifurcation
  • Banach Spaces
  • Analytic Geometry: Holomorphic Functions and Singularities
  • Representations of Groups: Classical Groups. Lie Groups
  • Tecniques of Geometric Analysis
  • Control Theory and Dinamycal Systems

There will also be in this quadrimester a Master Thesis of 15 credits.