The specific objectives of the Network are:

  (1) Promote the exchange of scientific knowledge between nodes in the framework of Algebraic Geometry and Singularities, and their applications. Promote the complementarity of existing research capacities and resources between the research groups and managers of the different nodes, with the aim of optimizing resources and results.
  (2) Facilitate and promote training activities, especially those aimed at young researchers, but open to any researcher, which help to incorporate the most innovative techniques at an international level. We seek the continuous training of network members in the latest techniques and ideas.
  (3) Promote the mobility of researchers between different nodes (especially doctoral students and postdocs), so that research and training synergies can be exploited. Special attention will be paid to communication with Spanish researchers in our thematic area who work in foreign centers, with the aim of incorporating them into the network’s scientific field.
  (4) Promote scientific communication and collaboration with international research groups with similar and complementary themes, with the aim of generating new synergies and collaborations. This collaboration could bear fruit in future participation in EU projects, within the framework of the Horizon Europe program (2021-2027).
  (5) Promote the visibility and international impact of the members of the network and its results.