Estudio de Riesgos Geológico-Geotécnicos por Explotación de Acuíferos Mediante Técnicas Espaciales y Terrestres. (AQUARISK)

2011-Web-EconomiaC-63pxPROYECTO: Estudio de Riesgos Geológico-Geotécnicos por Explotación de Acuíferos Mediante Técnicas Espaciales y Terrestres. (AQUARISK) (ESP2013-47780-C2-1,2-R)
Duración: 01/01/2014-31/12/16
Organismo financiador: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, España
Centros de ejecución: IGEO (CSIC-UCM), IGME.
Coordinador: José Fernández
Subvención: 366.630,00 €
Subproyecto 1 (CSIC): IP-1: José Fernández Torres, IP-2: Antonio Jesús González Camacho
Subvención Subproyecto 1: 209.330,00 €

AQUARISK is a coordinated proyect that aims to provide new products and services for thee analysis, management and mitigation of the geologicalgeotechnical risks associated with the exploitation of aquifers in urban areas. For this purpose multi-sensor ((ERS & ENVISAT, ALOS PALSAR, Sentinel, PAZ) satellite DInSAR and GPS data fusion will be performed at regional scale to determine the 3D deformation field of the mediterranean arc (Southeast Spain). This analysis will permit to detect the temporal evolution of subsidence in those hidrographic basins that suffer the greatest exploitation (e.g. Guadalentin-Segura river basin). In these areas, new in situ monitoring systems will be developped and implemented to monitor automatically and in real time (robotised sytem contected with GPRS) the temporal evolution of ground water level and the aquifer deformation in depth. These measurement data will be integrated with EO data to determine the 4D deformation field (surficial and deep), and to define future climate change based scenarios of the aquifer system response. All this effort will permit to develop, calibrate and validate advanced numerical geomechanical models that will simulate the past-present-future aquifer system response, and to analyze the impact of subsidence on urban structures and infrastructures. This proposal requires the coordinated effort of two multidisciplinar groups, both experts in the use of spatial techniques for the study of Geological-Geotechnical risks, but complementary in their applications: DInSAR processing, GNSS observation, data fusion, models inversion (Sub-project 1), DInSAR processing, in situ monitorinng, data integration, geomechanic numerical models, forensic analysis urban of structures and infrastructures (Subproject 2).
The research proposal is in the frame of the State Program of I+D+I Facing the Challenges of the Society within the State Plan for Scientific Research, Technology and Innovation. Within the challenge “Action on climate change and efficient use of resources and raw materials” which considers the asociated tematic priority “Efficient use of resources and raw materials”, addressing the challenges (i) integrated management and sustainable use of water resources , analysis , evaluation and monitoring of the waters forecast droughts, floods and natural or anthropogenic disasters; (ii) the establishment and operation of Global Earth Observation Systems (GEOS ); (iii) security of water infrastructure; and (xi) research in geologicalgeotechnical risks associated with natural disasters and climate change, both in relation to transport infrastructure as to building. In this framework, AQUARISK:
Performs research and development on new services & products based on EO multi-sensor satellites data in conjunction with in-situ data. Consolidates national scientific and technological leadership on the exploitation of EO and in situ data to monitor, model and predict subsidence due to aquifers exploitation in different climatic change scenarios.
Exhibits the necessary scientific, technological and structural capacities for providing a sustainable operational service to integrate EO and in-situ data to monitoring urban structures & infrastructures, developing site-specific vulnerability and impact modelling.

• José Fernández Torres (IP)
• Antonio J. González Camacho (Co-IP)
• Gema Rodríguez Velasco (Univ. Complutense de Madrid)
• Tomás Ramón Herrero Tejedor (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)
• Jesús Velasco Gómez (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)
• Iñigo Molina Sánchez (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)
• Juan Francisco Prieto Morín (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)
• Miguel Angel Conejo Martín (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)

• Alfredo Aparicio Yagüe (CSIC)
• Guadalupe Bru Cruz (CSIC)
• Enrique Pérez Martín (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)
• Juan López de Herrera  (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)
• Kristy F. Tiampo (Univ. Western Ontario, Canada)
• John B. Rundle (Univ. California Davis, USA)
• Pablo J. González Mendez, Univ. Leeds (UK)
• Sergey V. Samsonov, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation (Canadá)
• Alessandro Bonforte (INGV-OE, Catania, Italia)
• Mimmo Palano (INGV-OE, Catania, Italia)
• Flavio Cannavò (INGV-OE, Catania, Italia)
• Francesco Guglielmino (INGV-OE, Catania, Italia)
• Eugenio Sansosti (CNR-IREA, Nápoles, Italia)


PROYECTO: Observación radar de satélite aplicada al estudio de deformaciones en las islas Canarias. (201530E019)
Duración: Enero-Marzo 2015
Organismo financiador: CSIC
Centros de ejecución: IGEO
Subvención: 10000 Euros
Investigador responsable: J. Fernández Torres
PROYECTO: Determination of the 1992-2010 deformation field in the Canary Islands by means of ERS-1/2, ENVISAT and ALOS radar images: Implications in the volcano monitoring system definition. (Cat.-1 11021)
Organismo financiador: European Space Agency (ESA).
Duración: 04/2012-03/2015
Centros de ejecución: Instituto de Geociencias (CSIC-UCM) (Spain), UPC (Spain), University of Western Ontario (UWO, Canadá)
Investigador Principal: J. Fernández (IGEO), Co-IPs: P.J. González (UWO), J.J. Mallorquí (UPC).
Reproduction costs, equivalente a más de  500.000,00 €.
Fernández, J., P.J. González, A. G. Camacho, J.F. Prieto, 2015. Volcano geodetic research in the Canary Islands: A summary of results and perspectives. Pure and applied geophysics. DOI: 10.1007/s00024-014-0916-6. (EN PRENSA)

PROYECTO: Study of land instability using x-band advanced dinsar observation at different geological settings.
Organismo financiador: Agencia Espacial Italiana (ASI).
Duración: 19/09/2013-18/09/2016
Centros de ejecución: Instituto de Geociencias (IGEO, CSIC-UCM) (España), Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC); Western University (Canadá), IREA-CNR (Italia), Natural Resources Canada (Canadá)
Investigador Principal: J. Fernández (IGEO).
Redución de coste en las imágenes equivalente a más  290.000,00€.