On aime la BD!

La Bande Dessinée! Although I like comic art in general, some of it deserves the highest consideration, based on what I consider very good plots and exceptional drawing. Of course there are also sentimental reasons for my choices, memories of childhood. In any case, I pay a tribute to the authors and the characters of the ninth art. All images are property of their authors and their publishers.

Je suis notamment francophile en regardant les phylactères, mais avant ma francophilie… I put Prince Valiant. Although I may doubt, isn’t Tintin first?

There are some others quite so high, Blueberry by J.-M. Charlier  &  J. Giraud or anything by F. Bourgeon. And more: the sober mediaeval saga Les Tours de Bois-Maury by Hermann, L’Incal by Möbius & A. Jodorowsky, B. Hogarth‘s Tarzan, Michel Tanguy by J.-M. Charlier & A. Uderzo, the french detective Nestor Burma by L. Malet & J. Tardi, the unclassifiable Dieter Lumpen by R. Pellejero & J. Zetner, V. Giardino‘s quiet Max Fridman, the impressive Silence by D. ComèsLook here!

Back in time, a series deserves a special mention: Flash Gordon by A. Raymond, who made wonderful stories from 1934 to 1944, mastering his art to examples this good.

All these can’t be missed… but neither can one miss these others: Blake & Mortimer, adventure on the high seas, the great André Juillard, or the captivating Adèle Blanc-Sec, the pair Warnauts & Raives, the superheroes of the golden Marvel era, the superb Magasin Général, or Amours fragiles, the astonishing top quality of El mercenario, the universe of Benoît Peeters & François Schuiten, the inspiring stories of Jean-Marc Rochette

And to close this enumeration with a maximal artist, the works of Antonio Hernández Palacios.