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procedente de la LMS y la Universidad de Plymouth, impartirá la conferencia invitada

«Types of embedded graphs, and their Tutte polynomials»

Abstract: We take an elementary and systematic approach to the problem of extending the Tutte polynomial to the setting of embedded graphs. We motivate this work by introducing the relationship between the Tutte, Bollobás-Riordan, and Jones polynomials of graphs and links. Four notions of embedded graphs arise naturally when considering deletion and contraction operations on graphs embedded in surfaces. We give a description of each class in terms of coloured ribbon graphs. We then identify a universal deletion-contraction invariant (that is, a Tutte polynomial) for each class. This is joint work with Iain Moffatt.

La conferencia del Prof. Huggett tendrá lugar en el aula B06 de la Facultad de Ciencias Matemáticas de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid el lunes 27 de noviembre de 2023 a las 16:00h.