Research Interest

My research lies in the interface between complex geometry, algebraic geometry and theoretical physics. I am especially focused on Topological Quantum Field Theories, Geometric Invariant Theory, representation theory and Hodge theory. Moreover, I am interested in algebraic topology, especially in higher category theory and functor calculus. As a byproduct, I am interested in moduli spaces, mainly moduli spaces of parabolic Higgs bundles, and their relation with character varieties, gauge theory and theoretical physics.

In addition, I also research in theoretical aspects of machine learning and big data. Particularly, I am interested in collaborative filtering-based recommender systems as well as applications of highly parallelizable deep learning methods and generative adversarial networks (GANs) to real-time problems. Finally, I study the transference of geometric techniques to dimensional reduction problems and manifold learning.


Algebraic Geometry

Theoretical and Applied Machine Learning

Statistical Techniques in Software Engineering


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