2019 Carlos Calvo Tapia

Cognitive Neural Network Driving DoF-Scalable Limbs in Time-Evolving Situations

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Static Internal Representation Of Dynamic Situations Reveals Time Compaction In Human Cognition

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Fast social-like learning of complex behaviors based on motor motifs

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High-dimensional brain: A tool for encoding and rapid learning of memories by single neurons

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Holistic Model of Cognitive Limbs for Dynamic Situations

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High-dimensional brain

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Limb Movement in Dynamic Situations Based on Generalized Cognitive Maps

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Waves In Isotropic Totalistic Cellular Automata: Application To Real-Time Robot Navigation

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Learning connectivity structure in a chain of network motifs

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Synchronization of Heteroclinic Circuits Through Learning in Chains of Neural Motifs

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Generalized cognitive maps for social navigation in cooperative and non-cooperative environments

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Prediction-for-CompAction: navigation in social environments using generalized cognitive maps

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