Curso de Doctorado+Workshop: +FuzzyMAD

El viernes 14 de Diciembre en la Facultad de CC. Matemáticas se celebra la jornada +FuzzyMAD que incluye el minicurso de doctorado “Visualización de datos y tratamiento de información en la generación de mapas” además de una sesión de presentaciones orales de Jóvenes Investigadores abierta a los doctorandos de IMEIO, entre otros. Inscripción gratuita y más información en:

Curso de Doctorado: Meeting and Course on Game Theory and its Applications

Seville, 17 and 18 December 2018
This activity coincides with the fourth edition of the PhD. Course organized by the Game Theory working
group of the SEIO (The Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research). This year, this activity will take place at the IMUS (Mathematics Research Institute of the University of Seville) on December 17‐18, and it is composed by a course with two modules and a seminar. Moreover, the attendants will have the possibility of presenting their research results or open problems in oral talks (12 minutes each) or poster sessions. This activity is addressed to both researchers and students interested in Game Theory and its applications with a distinguished interdisciplinary flavor.

As in previous editions, the registration is free and an attendance certificate will be given to the participants, as well as a certificate of presentation for those who participate with an oral talk or a
poster. Moreover, if you are interested and wish that the IMUS organizes your accommodation in the
Universitary Residence Estanislao del Campo, please indicate it in your e‐mail.

Speakers of the course:
Prof. Dr. Francis Bloch (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris, France)
Prof. Dr. Herbert Hamers (Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands)
Speaker of the seminar
Prof. Dr. Joaquín Sánchez Soriano (Miguel Hernández University, Elche, Spain)

Summary of the course

  • Module 1. Networks, Centrality and Targeting (Francis Bloch)
  • Module 2. Networks, Games and Applications (Herbert Hamers)
  • Summary of the seminar: Allocating the fixed cost of a transport system (J. Sánchez Soriano)

Information and registration
If you are interested in participating, please write an e‐mail to acti2‐imus@us (with copy to Moreover if you want to participate with a poster or oral talk, please indicate it too in
your mail. Any doubt, please contact to Encarnación Algaba, email: Please, give the
following data when registering:

  • Name and surname
    Number of identity card or number of passport
    Are you interested in presenting a poster or participate with an oral presentation?
    Are you interested in that IMUS organizes your accommodation in the Universitary Residence
    Estanislao del Campo?