My general research interest is in Geometry of infinite dimensional Banachspaces. This research falls within the field of Functional Analysis. My current research plans are concentrated within the following general areas:

  • Renormings of Banachspaces. A central problem within the Banach space theory is that of knowing if a given space has or has not norms (i.e. admits or not renormings) with good smoothness and/or convexity properties. This is important because isomorphic properties can be deduced from this information.
  • Norm attaining mappings.The structure of the so-called Bishop-Phelps set on a given Banachspace X (i.e, the set of norm attaining functionalson X) is of interest in my research. Within this subject, there are very nice,  interesting problems we are attempting. Some of them are related to the study of those Banachspaces where a «generalization» of the Bishop-Phelps Theorem holds, namely, the density of the set of norm attaining operators or multilinear mappings or polynomials.
  • The metric space (H(X),h) of all bounded, closed and convex sets of a Banach space X with the Hausdorff metric. One of the most important reasons why we are interested in this space is because many properties within the theory of Banach spaces can be reformulated in the following way: «every subset of H(X) satisfies a given condition». This is the case, for instance, of the well-known Radon Nikodym property (geometrical version). Thus, where X does not possess such property, it is interesting to study the topological aspects of the subset of H(X) which is still satisfying the given condition.
  • Smooth functions and smooth bump functions. The study of the existence of smooth (Gâteaux,Fréchet, etc…) bump functions and its properties on certain Banach spaces plays a central role within the geometry of Banachspaces. We are mainly interested in: (1) the range and the size of the set of gradients of smooth bump functions and more general smooth functions; (2) properties of approximation such as approximation of Lipschitz functions by $C^1$-smooth and Lipschitz functions; (3) properties of extensions such as $C^1$-smooth extensions of functions defined on a closed subset of a Banach space X.
  • Banach-Finsler Manifolds. The study of smoothness properties on Banach-Finsler manifolds such as smooth approximation of functions, non-smooth analysis and Hamilton-Jacobi equations on Banach-Finsler manifolds.


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Tesis realizada: Algunos problemas relacionados con la geometría de los espacios de Banach

Tesina realizada: Funciones convexas en espacios de Banach